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Tall structures such as cooling towers, silos and chimney stacks often have limited or zero means of access which can be accessed using various industrial rope access techniques such as bolting and aiding. Once access is set up, temporary and permanent platforms can be installed so that we can carry out our wide range of services, including:

Concrete Inspections

  • Visual inspection (internal and external)
  • Cover meter surveys
  • Carbonation testing
  • Core drilling
  • Structural integrity surveys
  • Protective coating surveys

Concrete Maintenance

  • Application of corrosion inhibitors
  • Application of barrier coatings systems
  • Expansion joint sealing

Concrete Repairs

Once inspection is completed, Skyriders can carry out comprehensive concrete repairs and maintenance of identified areas to prevent further deterioration.

We can perform the following:

  • Cosmetic repair and protection
  • Concrete repair
  • Structural strengthening and repairs